Heads Up! YARB contains bright visuals which sometimes flash quickly between different colours. 

How to Play

- You control the bricks. Dodge the balls with WASD.

- Keep as high a percentage of your bricks intact as possible for each level.

- Try to get as high as score as you can on all 8 levels. 100 is the max score.


Navigate Menus
MoveWASD / Arrow Keys
Back to Menu / Level Select
Manually Change Palette


YARB stands for "Yet Another Reverse Brickbreaker" or maybe "Yet Another Reverse Breakout", or maybe (contingent on cryptid activity) "Yetis Are Really Bold".

If you suck at the game, then it might stand for "You Are Really Bad".

YARB can even also be used as a noun, verb, or adjective (if you're brave enough). Can I use it in a sentence? Certainly: "Bro, I ate like, 15 hot dogs, I think I'm gonna YARB!". How about another one? "My wife left me, but then I built my very own YARB!". Alternatively: "Woah dude, this 1997 Toyota Camry is totally YARB!"


YARB was made solo in under 48 hours for both GMTK Jam 2023 and University of Alberta's Wild Card Game Jam, which overlapped. The themes were Roles Reversed and Ball, respectively.

Think the game was neat? Check out my profile for more projects, follow me, or head to cyberterrorism.ca to see the big game which I am making. Cheers.

Music Credit: Getting it Done - Incompetech

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AuthorSkullbutton Interactive
TagsArcade, chiptune, Colorful, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Pixel Art, Retro, weird


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Okay, so a lot of games that try to "flip the script" just feel like the same game with different skins (eg: you playing the villain instead of the good guy).  This one, however, actually subverts the brick breaking genre and is pretty cool.  Good job!


love it