A downloadable game for Windows

GumShip was created in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2020.


The current build was the one submitted for the Global Game Jam - animations and game balance are far from finished, but the game is "playable"!

Jam Page Description

You wake up to a flurry of gunshots. Space pirates (riding various purple sea creatures) are firing holes in your delivery ship. You must plug them. Luckily, your delivery today was something that might help you: chewing gum. 

Rotate in zero-G with A and D, and move back and forth with W and S. 

Grab a gumball (the dispenser!), move your ship (the green button!), and destroy pirates (the red button!) by rapidly hitting spacebar when you reach them. In between these locations, hit (spam) that spacebar to chew that gum -- back up into a hole and you'll plug it (if you've chewed your gum enough!) Make sure you're not approaching the holes head-on; you'll have to drift into those babies to do a sick chewing-gum slam dunk.

I hope you haven't been skipping jaw-day.


Jason Cabuenos, Stephen Dios, Roxanne Duchesne, Oliver Morrish, Ben Nielsen, and Josh Novak.

Music Credits

"It is Lost,"  "Pixelland," and "Nowhere Land" by Kevin MacCleod.


GumShip_1.0.zip 33 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and open Gumship.exe.

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