Run in full-screen for now, please. Screen resolution was being tested for this build.


This is a prototype of a programming puzzle game Bomb Bot, where you would program a bomb-disposal robot. It's inspired by the old Flash game LightBot, and was mostly built for fun as a proof-of-concept, though I'd happily revisit it again in the future (probably with an actual artist involved).

For a demo of how a level may play out, try to move the three bombs onto the three orange "disposal tiles", then end with the bot on the green tile at the end of the hall. This should require the use of at least one function. The game will not indicate to you that you've won, but trust me, it knows.


- Click and drag the instruction blocks on the left into the empty squares, then press the play button to execute.

- The main function at the bottom will be first, and it will call functions A, B, and C if the corresponding instruction block is encountered. 

- Grab and drop commands can be used to pick up and drop bombs in the direction that the bot is facing.


Yes, a function can call itself! Press the pause button if it gets stuck looping. "Infinite" loops will always stop eventually after ~5 minutes due to implementation (technically they work more like macros).

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