Austrodyum Prime is a text-based adventure game about penguins in space. As a staff member of the titular penguin-specialty zoo freighter, you awake to find your fellow crewmates missing, with the vessel still floating through space.

Beat the game by picking up and licking stuff, using keycards, and hitting computers with swords. Unravel a mystery that will shock generations, and forge your destiny along one of six unique, dumbfounding endings.


What to Type
What it Does
LookLook around the room.
Go <location>
Move to another room.
Examine <item>
Take a closer look at something.
Take <item>
Add an item to your inventory.
Use <item in inventory>
Use an item in the current room.
InventorySee what's in your inventory.
Lick <item>
Lick something to gain insight.

Oh and due to a bug, examining and licking items works only in the room where you get them. So, as much as I hate to say it, you should probably lick everything when you find it (that is, if you want to get all the flavour text -  the game won't break or softlock or anything if you don't).

This game was made for UofC Game Design Club's Text-Based Game Jam, over the span of a few days.  Big thanks to Mark for letting me make him a lick-able object, and for hosting the Jam.


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This was amazing to play! The humour was immaculate, and licking things was one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I have had. Thank you for making this absolute gem of a game <3<3<3


Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it!